Do Nothing German Crusty Breakfast Rolls (Brötchen)


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This must be the easiest recipe I've ever come across.....I have to thank Ralph Nieboer from Breadworks for this one. 

Ralph hails from Schagen, North Netherlands and is the name behind Breadworks, an online and Dutch-based workshop for breads of all kinds. 

Ralph calls these 'Do Nothing German Crusty can see why when you read the recipe. 

Let's want to be able to get up and eat fresh breakfast rolls within two hours of getting out of bed? 

But, you don;'t want a load of work the night before? 

Then...these might just be what you're looking for....Brö a flash....well, almost.


500 grams strong white bread flour

340 grams tepid filtered water

11 grams sea salt - crushed

0.2 grams of instant active yeast (yes, it's a microscopic amount of yeast)

(If you're feeding the five thousand, you can double or even triple the quantities) 


1. Mix the water and the yeast.

2. Mix the flour and the salt

3. Mix everything together. 

4. Cover the dough and leave for 12 - 14 hours at 21⁰C. (i.e. overnight)

That's it.  This is nature doing its magic. No stretching and folding, no kneading, no coil folding or laminating. Simply leave nature to do what it is good at....

Off to bed....

Next morning, 

Divide into 9 x 98 -100 gms balls (approximately) 

Shape them into rolls and let them rest, covered,  for 25 minutes

Give them a final shaping and place on a baking sheet.

Allow them to rise for 60 minutes at 21⁰C. They won't rise much but they will 'balloon' when the heat hits them. 

Pre-heat the oven to 230⁰C. 

Mist the dough and the oven and bake for 15 - 20 minutes.

Let's be honest....could it be any easier? 

These are ideal if you want bread rolls for breakfast. 

Happy Baking and thanks for these, Ralph.... Veel plezier met bakken en bedankt hiervoor, Ralph...


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