Need a book? Here are a few choices...

 There are a number of specialist bread baking books on the market and quite a few available solely for Kindle via Amazon. 

However, currently, these are my top six.


The Bread Machine Bible - Anne Sheasby (under £14 from Amazon) 

Over 100 recipes all geared up for the bread machine. Flat breads, quick breads, basic and everyday breads, festive breads, tea breads and gluten free breads. The recipes work and the ingredients are in UK and US formats. 


The Handmade Loaf - Dan Lepard ( under £11 from Amazon)

This is the 2008 classic. There's a new edition that came out in 2017 but it's still basically the same book and highly popular. 
It covers everything from the ingredients through mixing, shaping and baking to recipes for sourdough, seeded and grained breads. 
Although it's a 'handmade' loaf book, the recipes are easily adapted to mixing by machine. 


Brilliant Bread - James Morton (under £15 from Amazon)

My latest addition from the highly-successful Bake Off winner back in 2012. It's nicely organised and is a lovely book into which to dip without feeling it's simply a sales pitch for a celebrity. 


Home Baker - DK (under £3 from Amazon) 

Far more than bread but it's one of those books that's ideal for adults and children alike. Nothing 'standing on ceremony' - just a collection of tasty recipes that don't require an extensive larder. 


Traditional Bread Making - Eve Parker (£2.30 on Kindle via Amazon) 

It feels like a WI book - a little old fashioned, but containing a lot of common sense, advice and tips. No pictures but the recipes are easy to follow - and to adapt. 


100 Great Breads - Paul Hollywood (under £12 from Amazon)

My only Paul Hollywood book. It's a collection of rather fancy recipes that are bound to impress friends and family but you'll ask the question 'was it worth it?'
probably the anwser is ...yes...but you need lots of time 

Happy baking...


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